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Friday 30th – Monday 3rd May 2021

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Witney's Got Talent



Brendan and Rich have been friends since meeting on the High Street in Witney back in 2016 - no, no, no - it wasn't like that, they have businesses opposite each other on the High Street. Pop and say hi and show your support.

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The Car

The Team

Rich Hikins - Team Captain

Rich loves being a supporter of Special Effect, especially as it means a TwinTown event is ever nearer. But when he's not modifying the TT car or trying on his bikini you can find him at iRepairTech, above a microscope performing some sort of unique repair or data recovery... Rich the Problem Solver.

Brendan Kay

Brendan - a true TwinTown veteran and supporter of Special Effect, also known for his super style of bikini and great wigs. However most of the time he's in disguise, wearing a suit, hanging out at Parkers Properties being an amazing Property Expert.

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