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Friday 1st – Monday 4th May 2020

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Whitley's Wannabes

Whitley Stimpson


Our team are delighted to be taking part in the Twin Town Challenge (TTC) for the second time, and the final ever TTC! We have already raised over £1300 after our staff members completed the Oxford Half in October 2019 and hope to raise even more!

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The Team

Ginger Boss (Laura Adkins) - Team Captain

Team captain, our leader, marathon runner and the person solely responsible for Whitley Stimpson choosing the Spice Girls as their band! This is Laura’s second Twin Town Challenge. She says she’s aiming to get into the French newspapers again like she did in 2018 – we won’t tell you why she got in the newspaper two years ago!

e-sporty (Oscar Ng)

TTC virgin (although he was a UK volunteer in 2018). We’re all looking forward to Oscar's unique ‘take on life’ comments over the four days. Great thirst for alcohol and excitement, don’t get in a drinks round with him unless you want to get ‘bladdered’ – he drinks double rum and cokes like they are going out of fashion!

Baby Boomer (Deb Morgan)

Who can believe she was born in the baby boomer era? Having had so much fun when she came along as a volunteer in 2018, she just had to be part of the 2020 Whitley Stimpson team! Head of Choreography for the weekend (good luck with that one Deb!), she will certainly Spice up our trip!

Posh Totty (James Blondel)

Another TTC virgin (does he really know what he's letting himself in for?!). We're slightly worried about how enthusiastic he was when he drew Posh from the hat. A real petrol head - not sure what he'll make of driving a London Taxi around Abbeville!

Scary Bloke (Alan Morgan)

Having had such a laugh in 2018, Alan just couldn't wait for the next TTC to come along. Married to Baby Spice. He says he's going to 'pace himself' this year after his exploits on the evening of the Champions League final in 2018!

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