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Having failed to fight the crime, they’re back to drink the red red wine. WeB40, West Oxfordshire’s 3rd best spoof UB40 cover band, are proud to support SpecialEffect.
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The Car

The Team

Neil 'Astro' O'Regan - Captain

Shawcity MD, and Twin Town legend, Neil O’Regan is WeB40’s musically inept front man.  Neil knows literally nothing about music (he loves Celine Dion and Irish supergroup B*witched) and only agreed to join WeB40 as he thinks he’ll be allowed to drink a lot of red wine.

Mark 'Ali Campbell' Helling

Having spent the last Twin Town dressed as a down-at-heel Mr. T, Mark is delighted to take on the role of WeB40 vocalist as it means he can spend four days in Le Touquet wearing relatively normal clothes.  He also knows most of the words to ‘Red Red Wine’.

Ben 'Frank' Thackaray

As WeB40’s warm up act and collaborator, Ben is the only actual musician in the band.  Famous for coming off stage after every gig he has ever played and insisting that he was absolutely not loud enough, before tipping over a tray of sausage rolls in disgust, Ben brings much needed calm and humility to the band.

Elliot 'The Guvnor' Rosher

Elliot is WeB40’s Manager and, whist he is principally responsible for booking the band’s gigs and public appearances, he spends a significant part of his day apologising to angry promoters and venue owner’s.  A part-time motivational speaker, Elliot is most famous in the band for his catchphrase “Seriously, you guys are catastrophically awful”.

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