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Friday 29th April - Monday 2nd May 2022


The Pink Wafer

No Brakes Games


The Pink Wafer purrs to life on a wave of synth... This wouldn't have been possible without Hutton Orbital on side. Thanks to their love + support of charity and fun in life, and to Nocti (THE mechanic) for bringing The Pink Wafer into reality.
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The Car

The Team

Sally - Captain

Producer at No Brakes Games by day, Pilot of her Elite Dangerous Original ‘Pink Wafer’ Cobra MkIII by night (and weekends…don’t forget the weekends).

Sally Morgan-Moore is forever mindful of how many hours she doesn’t have in the day to do anything unproductive, but if there’s fun, charity, and friends to get ambitious about things with, there’s always time.

It’s time to bring The Pink Wafer to life, and fly on the road of charity and success!

No Team Could Ever Be Complete Without Some Of The Best…

There could never be a team complete without Hutton Orbital on side.
Thanks to their love and support of charity and all things fun in life (and in space), ‘The Pink Wafer’ (automotive edition) would not have crossed over the starting line, let alone be ready for the finish!

Particular love and thanks must be given to our incredible mechanic, Nocti, for his amazing work on bringing the REAL Pink Wafer to life. He’s taken every ounce of ‘Wafer personality’, and made it a reality. Amazing.

Learn all about Hutton Orbital at


Nick Rodger’s creativity know no bounds. Head of Animation by day at Frontier Developments, and long standing friend to Sally – Nick effortlessly entertains. He’s funny, smart, and plays instruments! The ride has never been more fun!


Another craftsman of creative – Lloyd is “the video guy”. He’s the master of the camera, from stills to moving pictures, he will be sure to capture the best sides of everyone on the Pink Wafer’s charitable trip of a lifetime.
Producer by day at Frontier Developments, he’s sure to keep the team on track too.

Little Willie

Little Willie is a much loved and incredibly successful community manager in our game development world. With experience in television and at developers such as Frontier Developments, Little Willie can’t wait to join the fun as he helps document the Pink Wafer Journey for TTC2020!