Twin Town Challenge logo 2020

Friday 1st – Monday 4th May 2020

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Spinal Tap



Turning it up to 11! Returning for a second year running Smartcomm have entered in their team of legends to raise as much money for the Special Effect Charity. We are here to have fun and raise as much money for such a great cause!

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The Car

The Team

Mark East - (Eastie) - Team Captain

A veteran of 2018 Twin Town challenge returning as team captain to head up this years event. Mark got us involved with this so if anyone is to blame it is him.

Just don't let him drink too much Hop House 13!

Christopher Farrant (Farrantino)

Chris the co captain to the captain returning to TwinTown for the second time around. Chris's main job will be making sure young Matthew gets home safely. Although last time around had his foot ran over so all bets are off this time around!

Gary McGovern (McLovin)

Gary McGovern returning to this years event, bringing with him his sense of humour and resoled shoes after following Marks directions.
Gary also brings with him a complete disregard of track limits! Gary is our Chief and will be heading up the track events and if last year is anything to go by no quarter will be given!

Matthew Williams (Sid)

Matthew Williams returning to TwinTown20, always up for a good time and still can't drink us oldies under the table, just don't mention the Fox Incident.
This year he's going to be let loose on the track so wave to us as you pass us by :-)

The CAR!

Well she's old and not in great shape! Over 180,000 miles, Some of the interior is missing, rust spots all over and dash board warning lights that would be fitting for any Christmas tree. Currently in limp mode and can't go any faster than 40mph, handbrake doesnt work!!! We have some work to do on the old girl but we will be donating this beast of a machine at the end of the challenge!

Star in the car challenge