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Friday 30th – Monday 3rd May 2021

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The Wailers


We specialise in providing high quality sports and PE equipment to schools. Our award winning smooga panels are the jewels in our crown and are a type of sports fencing which can be used to create sports pitches, playground arenas and playground fenc

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The Car

The Team

Keith Place - Team Captain

people say he's a great leader, an inspiration to others, buff and good looking, looks so much younger than his years, wise and intelligent. In fact they say all sorts of things....just not about him!

Alan Shanks

Has a tendency to go missing - particularly in Le Touquet. The sounds of 'Alan, Alan, Alan' will be ringing out in French streets from May 1st. He will be blissfully unaware of his he is unaware of a lot of things. Still, he will be trying to boil our brakes again this year.

Callum Place

Callum is a chip off the old block...even if it's a bit brave to call his mother 'the old block'. Not much to say about him because he's an accountant and therefore too boring to be of much interest to anyone. As he can count without using his fingers he will be in charge of the beer kitty.

Seb Evans

Expensively educated, Seb has wasted every penny of his parents investment and now works in the family business...a pub. (Well done, no really. well played).
can be irritating and a bit of a know all...but when you get down to the 4th member what can we expect. Hopefully he'll keep quiet and supply some booze.

No fifth Wailer in this group. The car wouldn't make it.

Star in the car challenge