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Friday 1st – Monday 4th May 2020

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They’ve dealt with crime and now they’re back to drink the red, red wine. Convinced that they’ll do a better job posing as a UB40 cover band than they ever did pretending to be a group of good-hearted mercenaries, The B Team are back as WeB40!

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Neil ‘Astro’ O’Regan - Team Captain

Untrustworthy around vintage French tricycles, this cheeky Irishman is a Twin Town legend. Powered almost entirely by Guinness, Neil makes up for having very little musical talent by approaching every single WeB40 band practice with the exuberance of Animal from The Muppets.

Mark ‘Ali’ Helling

WeB40 front man, who is already regretting his insistence on drinking ‘absolutely nothing but red, red wine’ on this trip, Mark is the only one in the band who actually owns any music by UB40, which makes rehearsal time a bit awkward and goes some way to explaining why WeB40 are utterly rubbish.

Ben ‘Mickey’ Thackray

On his third Twin Town trip, Ben is the only one in the band with a modicum of musical talent. Astonishingly, he plays better after a couple of bottles of ‘inspiration juice’, which is a bit handy as he spends most of his time trying to keep the rest of the band in key, whilst supping Bordeaux and wondering how it came to this.

Elliot ‘The Guv’nor’ Rosher

Not a musician himself, which some would argue is the case with Neil, Mark and Ben, Elliot is part of the band’s management team and is famous for his assertion that ‘WeB40 are utterly hopeless. No, seriously, you’re terrible’. Before managing WeB40, Elliot was a motivational speaker.

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