Twin Town Challenge logo 2020

Friday 1st – Monday 4th May 2020

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Morris and the Minors

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The oldest team on the starting block but the most experienced, some members were around for the first rally back in 1898. We are here to raise money so please give generously and don't look at the photos.....

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The Car

The Team

Victoria Rimington - Team Captain

A tough old bird from up north. There's no messin' around Victoria.

Steve Rimington

The Elder Statesman. There not a lot Steve does not know and always has a cheery smile but has one huge let down, he prefers lager to proper beer.

Helen Robinson

The baby of the team, young Helen is always up for a laugh and to see her down a pint is an astounding feat.

James Neal

Here to make up the numbers, has no useful features or contributing abilities at all. Avoid if you can.

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