Twin Town Challenge logo 2020

Friday 1st – Monday 4th May 2020

team The Ox Factor - The beach boys photo

The Ox Factor - The beach boys

Oxford Products


Oxford Products have entered three cars this year (no. 45, 46 & 47) under the OxFactor umbrella - The Beach Boys, ZZ top and Mixed up Loud Girls!

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The Car

The Team

Andrew Hammond - Team Captain

A veteran of 2016 & 2018 Twin Town challenges, Andrew heads the Oxfactor/Beach Boys entry for 2020 and will be looking for the maximum amount of fun from the weekend.
FYI : it is a race!

Richard Hammond (not that one!)

Another veteran of the last two twin towns, Richard is only here for the beer and the fun! Always central to any controversy and mischief, but never gets rumbled for anything!

Rocky Howard

We have a TT virgin, who comes with an exceptional talent for drinking literally any and everything - try him. Other than this, he brings nothing to the team.

Martin Kerby

Another TT virgin! Martin is purely in the team as he is from the finance department and can pay all the bills! Oh, and he’s lots of fun and will get stuck right in with everything?!

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