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Friday 29th April - Monday 2nd May 2022


Don't Go Breaking My Car

Shaw Gibbs


Across the River Thames but not as far as Philadelphia freedom, these four Elton’s are looking for a tiny dancer on their final tour of the yellow brick road. Heading over green fields, trees and mountains to the border and the pigeon skyline, Shaw Gibbs will take in the circle of life and make no sacrifice for the rocket man even when the train don’t stop there anymore. When the sun goes down Shaw Gibbs’ candle in the wind will still be standing and singing your song like a madman across the water.
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The Car

The Team

Steve - Captain

the audit extraordinaire, the runner, the environmentalist, the lover of a gaudy suit or two – appearing on a stage near you (any stage that will have him)


the heroic finance function provider, the Cornish rugby and horse racing enthusiast – find her in a boutique, a bootcamp or a windswept beach in the southwest (or stuck in traffic on the M5!)


the business advisory force majeure, the dog walker, the litter-picker, the laugh-a-minute  – usually the last one standing (unless Peter O’Connell is involved)


the auditing expert, the Greek, the cyclist, the runner –  most often seen on Strava, identified by a magnificent beard (and strong affinity with Lycra)

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