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Friday 29th April - Monday 2nd May 2022


Softer, Worse, Slower, Weaker


Welcome to the Softer, Slower, Worse, Weaker team page! We are some 'Daft Punks' hoping to drive 'Around the World' and 'Get Lucky' to raise as much money as we can for Special Effect.
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The Car

The Team

Robert Grant - Captain

Second Twin Town outing for Rob. Since  TT 2018 his head has got more shiny and is now the proud owner of a child! Having finished 3rd in 2018 he is keen to go a couple of places better this year (and hopes to win the top prize in the raffle again!).

Chris Grant

Has the privilege of being Rob’s brother. Enough said.

Ian Burton

A proud northerner now residing in Charlbury. Meticulous attention to detail and mechanical expertise means he is a huge asset to the team (as well as being an overall top bloke). Taming his creative and vivid imagination to ensure we can safely negotiate the M25 and Eurotunnel will be a challenge!

Michael Holden

So northern he needs subtitles and possesses one of the greatest smiles you’ll see in TT20+2. Excellent project management and IT skills, he is buzzing to show them off in this year’s event.

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