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Friday 29th April - Monday 2nd May 2022


Bieres Sans Frontieres

Charlbury Beer Festival


The Charlbury Beer Festival team signed up at the eleventh hour for TT20+2 after Rod of Sonnox generously offered to sponsor our team during a pub crawl around Worcester. Without knowing what exactly this entailed, we immediately said yes, so here we are. Enthusiastic but hopelessly under-prepared, If our Peugeot makes it to France we will consider this to be a successful campaign. Look out for us in the pub. Or at CBF on 25 June.

The Car

The Team

Michael Peake - Captain

Michael is the Chairman of the Beer Festival for 2022 and so by default is the captain of our team. To be fair, he’s done most of the work in getting us where we are today, and would appear at first glance to be the most sensible amongst us.

Ed Wigzell

Ed is our festival infrastructure maestro, so we’re hoping this skill set extends to map reading and basic car mechanics. Ed mysteriously disappeared off to Switzerland as soon as we signed up for the challenge and hasn’t been seen since.

Matt 'Moose' Bullock

Matt has extensive experience of unreliable cars breaking down in awkward places, so will feel at home with the Peugeot, even if he can’t fit in it. He’s only here for the beer anyway.

Neil Ashley

Neil is our social media guru and chief photographer. He negotiated a good price on the car using his Scouse charm, so it’s his fault if it’s a dud.

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