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Friday 29th April - Monday 2nd May 2022


Barrington Quartet

International Culture Pilots


We're four folks from 'The Barringtons' just outside of Burford. We're taking a literal interpretation of 'Battle of the Bands' and so we're all about 1940s attire and the big band era - although the car may not quite fit that...LOL!
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The Car

The Team

Jan de Haldevang - Captain

The major of our quartet… without him we wouldn’t have got this far! Car enthusiast amongst an impressive portfolio of other stuff…

Philippa de Haldevang

A formidable team member who will keep us in line and will most likely be able to fix anything that goes wrong!

Dr Simon Bennett

Old hat at this TTC malarky. All I need to say is ‘reverse gear at speed’ – you know which team we were last time 🙂 – although to be fair to Dr Bennett he wasn’t the culprit…

Lizzie Bennett

Seasoned TTC participant with Dr Bennett… Looking forward to the whole thing once again! Hopefully NOT driving the wrong way around Le Mans on this occasion!

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