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Friday 29th April - Monday 2nd May 2022


Barock Stars


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The Car

The Team

Ron 'Bach' Ashtiani - Captain

A seasoned Twintowner having done 4 tours of duty in France, Ron likes driving, eating cheese and drinking so he will be in his natural habitat.

Rakesh 'Beethoven' Patel

Aka “The Animal” he is known for his gregarious lifestyle and errotic dancing. This will be his 3rd tour in France,¬†lockup your women….and men.

Thomas 'Handel' Pattison

Often likened to Percy from Black Adder, Tom spends a lot of time on his looks, especially greasing his hair. Please don’t get him dirty.

Ben 'Mozart' Van Noort

Once tried for war crimes at the Hague but acquitted on the grounds of him being a minor at the time. Ben is passionate about representing the Ginger people.

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