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Friday 29th April - Monday 2nd May 2022


Arctic SockMonkeys

SockMonkey Studios


Hailing from the North East of England, their banger will be doubling the journey to come from up north. Will their car make it? Very possibly not, but 3/4 of the team will likely be too drunk to care if they're on the bus of shame.
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The Car

The Team

Bob - Captain

Our fearless leader, Bob is the CEO of SockMonkey Studios and the frontman of Arctic SockMonkeys. He’s offered to do the 800 mile drive to Le Touquet and the rest of the team are fighting him really hard on it…


Virtually indestructable, he would easily be the drummer of Arctic SockMonkeys, keeping the band in line (sort of… he’s already looking at ways to fit a mini-fridge in the back of the car.)


Danni has only driven an automatic for the past three years and she also doesn’t like overtaking people on the road… we’re not quite sure why she’s here… if this was a real band she would be playing tambourine slightly off-beat at the back of the stage


When Jon isn’t driving an old car to France he likes to create brand new board games for the team to enjoy and is the king of the studio crossword tournament. In a real-life version of Arctic SockMonkeys he would be the playful lead guitarist slipping in unexpected solos during live shows.