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Friday 30th – Monday 3rd May 2021

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Witney Round Table


Back in the bucket seat for 2020 are the Knights of the Round Table. We don't like to say 'non' because we like to say 'oui'. Yes, it is the boys of Witney Round Table, ready for another rollicking road trip to Le Touquet and hopefully back again.

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The Car

The Team

Neil Tanner - Team Captain

Neil has many years of experience under his belt when it comes to the ways of the Continentals. He has a need for speed so we must remind him frequently that it is not a race.

Tommy B

Tom is mainly in it for the beer although given his diminutive stature his idea of a big night out is two pints of watered down ale and a pint of water before a good night's kip. Watch this one - he's born to be wild.

James Best

Easily identified by his masculine motorbiking beard, James 'Jimbob' Best knows a thing or two about motors. Mostly antique motors with wooden steering wheels and cracked leather seats. Look out ladies, James is here for some action...Brum! Brum!

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