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Car No 110 team The Four Musketeers photo
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The Four Musketeers

The Car

The Team

Haydon Holloway LLB(Hons) - Team Captain

D'Artagnan - Comte D'Artagnan - hothead - but with skills and brains. Unrivaled swordsman and fiercely loyal

Roger Shepherd

Athos - Count De La Fe're - noble and handsome - known to drown his sorrows in drink. He was married to my Lady De Winter!

Robin Hanks

Porthos - Baron Du Vallon De Bracieux De Pierrefronds - honest and loyal - extrovert - enjoying wine, women and song

Ricky Holifield

Aramis - Seigneur D'Aramitz - Loves and courts women. Ambitious and unsatisfied until he becomes the Abb'e of B'earn . Also expert swordsman

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