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Scott, Dave, Marcus and Lee would like you all to join them in their journey through the galaxy. Fighting off aliens and the French. Scott will be erasing memories although if any of them remember anything we shall be amazed.Who makes this look good?

The Car

The Team

Agent S - Scott - Team Captain

Agent S - The Team Captain is the least Qualified in any field that may be required during this fantastic trip. He does have extensive skills in pushing cars when they breakdown but hopefully we will not need to see this in action. Agent S is neither the brains or the beauty behind this teams success but was nominated as team captain due to drawing the shortest straw.

Agent DC - Dave

Agent DC - The most senior member of the group does know his way around an engine. He is highly skilled at fixing the problem but not so skilled at staying awake after a few during a live band. Standing at 5ft nothing he is still taller than lee and we hope he does not let lee forget this.

Boris The Animal - Marcus

Boris The Animal - Look a like Jesus mixed with Jurgen Klopp Marcus also likes to get his hands dirty and is highly skilled in lifting a bonnet. He does have a fascination for dressing up as per his facebook photos so when he was asked to join the team he jumped at the chance but was disappointed doesnt get to wear a dress. One perk he can reach to places Agent DC cannot.

Gentle Rosenburg - Lee

Gentle Rosenburg - Well where do we start with Lee, I am told that a step will be provided along the journey for Lee to get in and out of the car and a booster seat is fitted accordingly. extended shoes are also provided (stilettos) when driving. Everyone is astonished that this little man actually drives a car transporter for a living (although the truck is definitely adapted). Acts just like Dick Emery looks like a miniature Karl Pilkington. oooooooohhhh eeellooooooooo

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