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smoogassic park


Couple of guys, and a couple of young uns, hiding behind the fantastic company that is Smooga, but really out to have a great time and raise some money for a brilliant cause.

The Car

The Team

Keith Place - Team Captain

Director of Smooga Ltd, ie drives the van and does other stuff too. Plays cricket at ODCC for the Black Sheep, plays pool at ODCC for the Black Sheep, (there's a pattern emerging here), helps to run the bar at ODCC, likes messing about and refuses to grow up. Runs a brilliant business though!!

Alan Shanks

Can fix anything. Works as director of Central Chiropractic Clinic, Oxford and also as IT and Web Controller for Smooga. Spends most of his life at ODCC, playing pool, drinking, working the bar, drinking, fixing stuff, drinking......
Thinks he's Paul Hollywood (he's not!) and has lost a decade somewhere as he swears he's younger than he really is.

Callum Place

Young and thinks he's god's gift. Therefore no real self awareness. generally idle, good for very little, no idea why he's coming but makes up numbers and can act as ballast that we can jettison if required. May come in handy to push.

'Podge' Hunt

Equally as hopeless as member 3. However, can be useful in a scrap (if there's food involved) and can join in the pushing when no3 gets tired. 3 and 4 are interchangeable as gofers for the leadership team.

Challenge 1