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2 Fast 2 Sumo


Based in Sheffield, Nottingham, Newcastle and Pune, Sumo Digital is one of the largest independent UK gaming studios. Founded in 2003, Sumo continues to deliver top notch video games across all major gaming platforms that are pretty darn awesome.

The Car

The Team

Ian Richardson - Team Captain

As someone who knows everybody in every industry for at least 25 years, Ian is Sumo Digital's tour dad.

David Dino

Known to climb up trees in an inflatable sumo suit, Mr. Dino is the token American of Team Sumo (meaning he's loud all the time). When not in the driver's seat, you can more than likely find him dancing in the streets with the locals or at the karaoke bar with anyone who's willing to join.

Sam Turner

The first of the two new members of Team Sumo, Sam is the the youngest member of the team, as well! But don't let his age fool you. Not only is he an accomplished graphic designer, he's been to New York several times and isn't shy in letting you know over and over and over and over and over again.

Pod O’Donnell

Wasn't too hard getting our fourth member and super programmer, Pod, on the team. We told him there was Guinness and he was in immediately.

Dave Blewett

A former TT16 crew member, Dave has decided to forego the wheels and run to Le Touquet... literally! He’s taking part in an Ultra Marathon that takes him from Calais to Le Touquet on a 51 mile run on the coast of France, all in the name of raising awareness and charity to Special Effect!

He’s crazy, but it’s for a good cause.

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