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Sony London Studio

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Kat Mosson - Team Captain

Crazy on the inside, wobbly on the outside. Has never driven on the *wrong side of the road so should be an adventure (ssshhh don't tell her team mates)
Hates cheese - Loves wine.
Hoping driving skills will be better than abseiling.

Tiago Batista

Lover of wine, learning to like cheese. Loves driving and is used to both side of the roads. Never drove a right hand drive car in Europe, so this might be a good challenge. When not behind the wheel, might be lost somewhere in a French vineyard, so in any case you know where to find me.

Annem Hobson

Lover of cheese (Haters gonna hate #Katthecheesehater). The Getaway’s dedicated paparazzi. When not behind the wheel, she will be found live Tweeting the journey!

Stephen Broadley

When I'm not reminding Kat which side of the road to drive on, I'll be talking about, thinking about and playing games!

(Loves cheese AND wine!)

I can't wait for this awesome GETAWAY!

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