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Mark East - Team Captain

Job Role : Systems Programmer
Favourite Car : Jaguar F-Type
Fun Fact : My hobby is professional fireworks displays

Christopher Farrant

Job Role : Programming Manager
Favourite Car : Mitsubishi GT Twin Turbo
Fun Fact : Last year I ran 330km which is equal to 114 laps of Silverstone race circuit. I am much quicker in a car!

Gary McGovern

Job Role : Project Manager
Favourite Car : Sunbeam Alpine
Fun Fact : Traded a signed copy of Muds "Tiger feet" for a signed copy of Slades " Come feel the noize" on Noel Edmonds Swap shop in 1978

Matthew Williams

Job Role : Apprentice Legend
Favourite Car : Ford Mustang
Fun Fact : I am only 5 years older than the car...

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