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The B Team


A group of friends who, despite their complete ineptitude, are convinced they are The A Team. Each with hearts of gold and the best of intentions, they never quite manage to reach the standards of their television heroes.

The Car

The Team

Colonel John 'Cannibal' Smith - Team Captain

The undisputed leader of The B Team, Cannibal has no military training, except what he learned from watching 'Bravo Two Zero' once in 2009, is powered almost entirely by Guinness and cannot be trusted around vintage French tricycles. Or, for that matter, other people's golf bags, which he has a habit of selling.

Sergeant B. A. Baggage Claim

Cannibal's right-hand man, B. A. is The B Team's organiser. He has never used a welder in his life and has no idea how to fabricate a ground to air missile from a load of junk stored in the shed he has found himself locked in. A fan of gin but not of flying.

Captain Dandelion and Burdock

Dandelion and Burdock is The B Team's resident lunatic. Every time they need anything doing, the rest of The B Team have to bust him out of his Surrey residence in the dead of night, returning him a few days later to the delight of his family who, if they were honest, hadn't realised he had gone. He cannot fly a helicopter but does have splendid hair.

Lieutenant Templeton 'Space Man' Peck

The newest member of The B Team, Space Man drives a Honda S2000 when he's not rolling along with the rest of the team in the van. Weirdly, he won't let the rest of the gang spray his car white, leaving just a red stripe to match the van, so that it looks a tiny bit like the 'vette!


To coin a phrase from the movie that B. A. actually wanted to do, 'God is our co-pilot'.

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