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Sage Against The Machine

DSA Prospect

The Car

The Team

Ben Angless - Team Captain

A man that has pistons for legs, will be found running and cycling distances that just shouldn't be done. The captain of our vessel may not be blessed with the hair of Captain Jack Sparrow but he makes up for it with his fiendishly good ideas.

Beth Delaney

Our captain’s first mate runs a tight ship, any time wasters or dilly-dallyers will be made to walk the plank. An eye for detail and expert navigator will be leading the team through the back roads of France and on course to victory.

Tom Leiper-Durrant

The lowly scrub has been brought along to swab the deck and cast the main sail. For what he lacks in smarts he makes up for in his ambition. He is magic behind the wheel and has taken pro racing tips from karting legend Mr Lay to ensure the quickest lap times for the team.

Challenge 1