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Rated PG

Playground Games

Shake and Bake!! From Talladega to Le Touquet, "Rated PG" are back for 2018, bringing the thunder. We know it's not a race. But if you ain't first, you're last!!

The Car

The Team

Andy - Team Captain

(Self appointed) Designated Driver. Responsible for the purchase of our TTC car. And the one we had to ditch and sell on before buying the current car... PG's resident crap car hoarder.


(Self appointed) Playlist Manager. Responsible for a lot of the amazing vinyls on our car. Dave clearly watched a lot of Blue Peter as a child.


(Team appointed) Back Seat Driver. Responsible for the obnoxious racket that our car now makes. We had to hide the hammers from Chris when preparing our car, so he chopped off the exhaust instead.


(Team Appointed) Playground Stig.

Some say that he doesn't know how to read a calendar. All we know is that he's the PG Stig. And unfortunately due to work commitments he can't make the weekend... Next time, Marco.

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