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Oxford Products Team 45

Oxford Products

We took part in the 2016 event and broke the record for the amount of points deducted from one team on the Friday (by way of fines!), which motivated us to behave even worse for the rest of the weekend. We loved it and so are back for more in 2018.

The Car

The Team

Andrew Hammond - Team Captain - Team Captain

Looking forward to a weekend of fun and great memories, and if it's half as good as 2016, it will be epic.

Alec Hammond

The elder statesman of the team, but normally the one that encourages/starts/causes most of the capers that inevitably our team gets up too.

Richard Hammond (no, not that one!)

If a picture speaks a thousand words, then this is the perfect picture for Richard. If you buy him ANY drink, he will thank you for it and drink it with pleasure.

Graham Hammond

The sensible one, until has alcohol in the system and you know what that means.

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