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Oxford Products Team 95

Oxford Products

The team that entered Twin Town 2016 enjoyed it so much that this time around we have decided to enter three teams!

The Car

The Team

Justin Thomas - Team Captain

Team Captain and Purchasing Director at Oxford Products, Justin is always up for a challenge especially when alcohol is involved. Just keep him away from Stella!

William Rivers Fletcher

Head of Product Development at Oxford Products, William is a petrolhead at heart with a love of anything with an engine, especially boats and race cars. A total lightweight in the bar though ;-)

Darren Smith

Oxford's pretty boy Warehouse Manager, Dazzler is always up for a laugh and can drink JD like a fish.

Luke James

Another pretty boy who likes to do a bit of modelling for the OP brochure in his spare time, Luke is Oxford's Graphic Design Manager, so the arty one of the group. No idea about his drinking capability, but we'll be sure to find out over the weekend!

Challenge 1