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Team Intellekt (The Mystery Machine)


Based in Oxford, the city of screaming tyres, are Team Intellekt and the Mystery Machine. As corporate investigators, we hope that our disguises will be enough to maintain our high levels of anonymity, combined with credibility! Scooby Dooby, Doo.

The Car

The Team

Clive Dunster - Team Captain

The Managing Director and apparently the boss of the Team Intellekt gang, however, the Office Manager; Amy Helm really runs the Intellekt ship!

Amy Helm

The Office Manager (read Boss) and only woman within Intellekt. She'll get to the bottom of any great case/investigation, so long as she is not distracted by anything shiny.

Dave Muddiman

The Senior Investigations Manager, Mudds or Muddy Face to his friends, has his finger on the pulse. He'll get to the bottom of any bottle!

Matt Oaten

Matt is new to the company and is another Investigations Manager. He's a real whizz on computers and is sure he can solve any great mystery so long as you leave your computer unlocked?

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