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With 1 Scot in our team who wanted to wear his kilt we had lots of suggestion for a film and team name. As captain I ignored all of them (except wearing the kilt) and decided on Bravehart as our film and the obvious choice of name had to be BraveFart

The Car

The Team

Alan "Lord Bottoms" Lewis - Team Captain

Born just south of the Scottish borders and having visited Edinburgh at least twice and worked in the Govan Docks during the 70's Alan is almost a Scot. It was during these visits to Govan in the 70's that Alan learned to communicate with one of Scotland's most fearsome tribes "The Dockers" . After lengthy negotiations in the local "community centres" Alan was given the highest accolade of "being the only Geordy we can understand". Alan now lives a quiet life in rural Oxfordshire but when tracked down by the TT18 team and asked about his role as captain of team BraveFart he replied " to make sure we have a bloody good time and raise as much dosh as we can for SpecialEffect". If you would like to know more about his exploits and the dangers he encountered in Govan, buy him a few beers and he will tell you all.

Marc "Little Willy Wallace" Lewis

Marc, son of Alan, was also born just south of the Scottish border. With red hair and at times a fiery temper the force of Scotland is strong in this one. When told of the team name and theme for the event Marc's only comment was "does that mean we have to wear one of those funny little skirts and shave our legs?". To which the answer was "of course". Marc has also been known to sing along very loudly and badly to Proclaimers songs after taking a little too much of Scotland's finest. So please if you see him in a bar don't buy him a drink as you don't want him to start singing.

Mike "Big Willy Wallace" Buchannan

Mike is the entrepreneurial one in the team and the only genuine Scot. Known worldwide as the inventor of the "Its your round App". This little app downloaded by millions of Scots and Yorkshiremen sits on your smartphone and listens for the phrase "its your round *Mike*" and immediately sets off your phone ringtone allowing the user to pick up the phone and "pop outside a wee minute to take this personal call". By the time he comes back in everyone is fed up of waiting and someone else has got the round in. So please if you see Mike in the bar over the weekend of the challenge whatever you do don't say "it's your round Mike"

Nick "Robert the Spruce" Lieder

As far as we know Nick has no affiliations whatsoever to Scotland but he does live in Surrey which begins with an "S" so that was enough for us to include him in the team. Like many of Scotland's warriors Nick has a beard, although it is a little less fearsome than those of the traditional battle hardened warrior. Nick is really excited at the prospect of wearing a Sporran, his reason? He wants to show the ladies (or was that laddies) what he can pack inside it. Please, please don't ask him to show you, it's probably not a pretty sight and you could be in for a long night as he gets everything out on display.

Ann "Murron MacClanger-Wallace" Gilbert

Bringing sense and sensibility to the team is the lovely Ann. With not a hint of Scottish ancestry she will not be wearing a kilt but definitely wears the trousers. Ann is providing logistical support (beer and sandwiches) to keep us all going and between all that is running the Blenheim 7k to raise even more cash !!

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