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Easy Riders


Whew. Man, look, I gotta get out of here, man. Now we - we got things we want to do, man, like - I just - uh - I gotta get out of here, man. As true free spirits the Easy Riders team is ready for the trip and Twin Town Challenge 2018.

The Car

The Team

Marko - Team Captain

As the marketing manager of Ebico & a big car enthusiast I’ve been tasked to decorate our cars. Carl on the other hand kept an eye on how much I spend, as he does most of the time. I speak no French, so I heavily rely on my team mates.


As Ebico’s Head of Finance I’m here to keep an eye on Marko’s spending and make sure that his decorating doesn’t get out of control. If there will be any counting or calculating I’m sure that this will fall onto me. I’ll gladly count our Oscars. I also speak French, so I’ve been tasked to be an interpreter.


As the only female in the team I’m here to keep those two on straight and narrow. Although I’ve never been to Le Touquet I’ve been to France quite a few times so I will also navigate. I know the french for beer and champagne and that’s enough if I need to get the directions to the nearest bar.

Challenge 1