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Bellwood Bullets 2 - New Boys

Bellwood Homes

We are the New Boys & Twin Town Virgins & will try not to mis-behave but can't promise The car we bought to use ended up as in the picture gallery, so we are now driving the Volvo from TT2016 but it will be sent to the Auction House on our return

The Car

The Team

Georgie Boy - Team Captain

Georgie is one of the New Boys, he is the older brother of Joey in the Pro Team, so he's the one to pay his Bail when Joey is arrested ~

Malc The Cod Catcher Barker

Malcy B will perhaps be the most memorable Bellwood Bullet in 2018, he is no shy wall flower & will challenge Matty to embaress Lizzy as much as possible ~ His Experiences of France involves Fishing & broken down vans

Jaimo the would be Irishman

Jaimo keeps trying to escape to his one true love in deepest Ireland, but keeps being drawn back to the ways of the Bellwood Bullets ~ long may it last ~ he is another TT virgin, but Joey will show him the ropes

Young Rhys

Rhys is the youngest Bullet & will be victim to a Baptism of Bullet fire ~ enough said

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