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Bellwood Bullets - Pro Team

Bellwood Homes

We are the Experienced Bellwood Bullets Twin Towner team & have allowed a team of new boys to join as a second team, in a second car, in the hope we can raise more money than last time

The Car

The Team

Peef - Team Captain

Peef will attempt spend the whole time trying to keep the two teams in order, but will abandon this once we arrive on French soil ( nor will he pay their Prison fines)


Lizzy is the sensible team member with knowledge of many things mechanical & Legal ~ hopefully we will not need the former & the teams will make it a mission to entangle him in the lattter ~~ for some reason noise & drawing attention to the Bellwood Bullets are not Lizzy's favoured things, but we know this & plan to make him suffer

Joey Boy

Last time out Joey made a complete imbecile of himself in the evenings, he says it was a result of his acute Peanut allergy, but we think it was the beer & wine that infected him

Dirty Wade ( a poor replacement for Matt who cannot make it this year)

Dirty stepped in at the last minute as Matt has had to withdraw, so like all good substitutes, he will have to perform well & get drunk, fall over, get drunk again & fall over again, as Matt did.... anything less will be frowned upon by the rest of the Team ~ Oh..... & Dirty is a keen naturist, so watch out for a naked Brit when you buy your baguettes

Challenge 1