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Atomhawk Design

The Roadhawks are returning for their third Twin Town adventure with a car that they're hoping, this time, will make it to the start of the Challenge.

The Car

The Team

Ron Ashtiani - Team Captain

Ron is embarking on his third Twin Town Challenge, after saying each time that he was “never doing it again”. Having left his previous wingman Rakesh behind, Ron thinks that the Roadhawk’s 2018 mission will be a more sensible one, but that remains to be seen …

Dan Gilmore

Dan returns to the Roadhawks having survived the team’s inaugural mission in 2014. Still known throughout Le Touquet for his epic dance moves, Dan is currently working on some top-secret designs for the 2018 Roadhawks chariot.

Jill Clow

Joining the team for the first time is Atomhawk’s one-in-a-million Office Manager, Jill. The rest of the Roadhawks will need to make sure she doesn’t go too wild on the racetrack as without her the good people back at Atomhawk HQ would not survive.

Lewis Wagstaff

Working alongside Dan, Lewis brings to the team his awesome design skills and hopefully some equally awesome driving skills too.

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